4 comments on “Understanding the ultimate choice for Teenagers

  1. You’re seventeen? You’re wise beyond your years, my friend. I don’t mean that to sound derogatory towards teenagers, it’s not just the younger people. I know people my age that take every little things that happens as a personal attack, and let it have way too much of an effect on them. I don’t know when we all got so ridiculously over-sensitive, but we’re not doing ourselves or society in general any favors by crumbling over the tiniest thing.

    Terrific write.

    • Hi, Noreia; yeah, I’m 17. smiling. Thanks for saying so. About my wisdom that is. I guess part of it is a gift and the other is I like reading. What I like most is studying people. I’m told I am very analytical.

      I agree. People are overly sensitive about trivial things. And, you are right, it’s not just teenagers, it’s across the board I think. And I think that people are vain these days. And in that vanity, especially my generation. They have to have the bling as if that defines who you are.

      I don’t have the answer. I wish I did. I guess it’s enough to take care of myself and my family, my friends and keep pushing out good thoughts in hopes they will benefit the remainder.

    • Thank you so very much for saying so. It’s nice of you.

      The parable about the “young boy, old man and the bird” I read in a story. I was really taken in with that parable. The rest, I think, is just looking around at school and seeing how people treat others. Listening to stories told by parents and grandparents about their life experiences and somehow tying it all together. And, you can’t escape what’s happening throughout the world. Some where – someone – is being abused, threatened, at war, disrespected put down or just made fun of. I see it a lot in the Christian communities throughout the world. how they are being wrongfully treated. For what? Holding something sacred and believing in something that makes sense: “Peace and Love?”

      Is what’s going on right? No. And, if someone don’t tell them they’re not alone, they can overcome then these things will continue. and they may continue anyways…. but just perhaps they too will remember the parable of the “young boy, old man and the bird” and they can rise up and be the bigger person with self esteem and forgiveness.

      The young boy? The aggressor… the old man? wise! The bird? Object of oppression. Let’s all practice to be wise old men!

      Thanks for writing me. I appreciate it.

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