5 comments on “Courage

  1. What an amazing story! I had never even heard of him. I just cannot imagine a boy of twelve having the courage to do that, or the ability to trick people about his age!!
    Your second definition of courage, “The willingness to stand alone for what you believe in” is the most important thing I was taught at school. The teachers used to tell us, almost every day, “You must have the courage of your own convictions”. They explained over and over again, using stories, and sometimes examples that actually happened in the school, that if you know something is wrong, you must have the courage to stand up and say so – even if you are the only person who speaks out.
    One day, a woman who had survived spending her childhood in a Nazi concentration camp gave a speech to us and told us how many people had suffered in Nazi Germany because of all the cowards who knew it was wrong but said nothing.
    I took this message so much to heart. I have often been the one who speaks out when nobody else did – and sometimes paid the penalty. I don’t regret any of the times I have done that.

    Here in Sicily, all around me the people are too scared to speak out against the Mafia and stand up for what they know is right. I wrote a blog post about this.
    It’s very hard to find the courage to speak out in such a dangerous situation, but I am not going to change.

    • Hello, Ma’am;
      Thank you for commenting on this story. The story is true and illustrates a great many things about what you have said concerning your own life. Facing hardship and opposition, staring down fear and finding the resolve to follow through with conviction.

      I think, in as much as I am able to have an analysis of this character, and his situation, I believe the following:
      It was war time, people were enlisting at an alarming rate in order to support both their country and it’s cause(s). Due to such a large turn out of patriots, and the need for enlistees, recruiters probably were willing to overlook something and, at the same time, fill the much needed body count of people to serve. There was a greater loyalty then I think, than our present day populous.

      I agree with you; finding courage, when none around you possess it, is difficult. I see many teens in my school and area not standing up against what they know to be ultimately wrong.

      I will readdress this later. Now I must get to class.

    • Hi, Sicilian; Like I said I’d write more. Please forgive me for not responding sooner. I have school andI work afterwards. So, please forgive my nor following through right away.

      I find it intriguing that you are around such people as the Mafia. Do you know any of them? I imagine they’re all around that area. Wow! That’s so exciting and scary too. Aren’t you afraid? I understand what you are saying though, about standing up for what is right. I have had several occasions where I have stood up against bad things and was standing there alone. it’s not a comfortable feeling either. As you must know.

      I think you’re a very nice lady and want to thank you for allowing me to write you here at your e-mail address. I am so proud of this. smiling. I do so hope we canbecome very good friends and share everything together. Even our most intimate thoughts. smiling! E-Mail is a good way to do this. Don’t you think?

      Well, I hope you will write me. And share your life with me. I want to do the same with you. If you will allow me. if you have any questions, please, feel free to ask. Okay?

      Thanks again and good night, Ma’am


    • Thank you ever so much, Noreia. Yes, it is a true story. As are all of the stories under “life” and “love”. There are some amazing people in this world, and yes, there are some jerks that may never see the light. But, as with everything of which is disheartening – we refocus on that which is lifts our spirits. Some of which we are graced with reading, and writing about, as the person in “courage.”

      Thank you once again, Noreia for your comment and for the kindness of your words.

      Have a wonderful day; James

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