3 comments on “COMPASSION

  1. You are very observant, intelligent, and kind. I enjoy looking at things through your eyes, thank you. It makes me think there’s still hope for the human race 😀 Very encouraging.

    • Again, I am sending you my heart felt “thank you” for your very kind and humbling words. I believe once you begin to explore the world – searching high and low – for those who share compassion, courage, love and self; you find more and more of them. As you peel back the layers of Filth the media presents to us you slowly discover the goodness some people hold dear and of value.

      Is there hope???? We’ll just have to keep peeling back layers and layers until we’ve brought out and exposed all the truly good there is remaining…. both in people and in life.

      Thank you Noreia. You bring a smiles to my lips and a joy to my heart. For these I am forever grateful.

      Your friend; James

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