About Me

Hi everyone. My name is James and I’m 17. I am on here to make lots of friends and make new acquaintances.

I am from New York State and am currently finishing my H.S. senior year. My intensions are to attend college next fall at the University of Florida. I am single so there’s a plus to all the girls and guys. No real plans of settling down with anyone at the moment as my education and having a good time growing up is important. But never know when that right person may come along.

Here is a quote I have come to admire and believe in and why I choose to try blogging:

“So many people treat life as a constant status update. They’re so busy figuring out what would impress their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, they have a harder time pinpointing their own true desires. Sometimes they feel the pressure to present a flawless, idealized image of themselves that can trigger confidence crash when there’s nothing good to report about their job or their relationship. They’re thinking about how their lives look instead of how their lives feel.” -Jane Buckingham

I agree with her and so, not wanting to suffer confidence crash or trying desperately to keep up with others; I’ll just blog. Someone told me that I shouldn’t change just so it would benefit other people. I think he is right. I shouldn’t change just so I could fit in or please other people. Every scar, every imperfection, every inadequacy, every pain, every weakness made me who I am today. And so I want to share that with all of you.

If I think of more I will add it later. Feel free to write me. I will answer. Promise.


5 comments on “About Me

    • Not so sure you will want to read my thoughts, Trish. Lol! Not sure what you’ll see there. Smiling. I am joking with you of course.

      I look forward to you spending time with me here. Sharing our thoughts and experiences. Mine? Not so many. But would love learning from you.

  1. Welcome, James! I’m so happy to finally read something about you and I love it! You definitely sound much older than your years and I look forward to reading your blog!

    I’m definitely enjoying the music vids! I need to start listening to more music since there are so many wonderful songs out there!

    • Hi and thank you for your warm welcome. I really do appreciate it. Yeah, I finally got something up. Thank you for saying you love it. I have to confess though, this is harder than I has ever thought. smiles. I’m going to learn it, may be not master it, but I will improve. I know it.

      Thanks for say so. I like to think that I am mature. Most all my life I have held responsibility. I work after school and Saturday’s. I think what has made a difference is my close relationship with my parents. They’ve really been cool. for as long as I can remember they’ve been there with their advice and willingness to listen. In a nut shell I’d say they’ve understood both sides of it. Theirs as parents and what was best without making me feel stupid, young or a failure. Yet, standing true to their values and principals as parents and community members. While I accepted that and understood being in their house was only a temporary thing. One day I’d have to face the responsibility of my own.

      Certainly that maturity never came over night. Lol! And, in some ways I’m still struggling to grow.

      I can tell you too that there are kids in my school who are spoiled and it shows in their lacking a degree of maturity. There are others whom have had it really, really hard and they’re what you perceive as mature, yet it borders on a dislike of everything. It’s like they’re forced to make their way anyway they can and not liking it. I’m blessed and I refuse to take advantage of that blessing in a negative way.

      I am so glad you are liking the music vids. Please let me know what type music you like and I will select a few I think you’d like. Then when your online at word-press or just want to relax, you can click on and enjoy both. I would truly enjoy doing this for you.

  2. Lol, I so know who your quote reminds me of some people I used to talk to. They’d always try to post “witty” statuses for attention, like they try so hard. New York! I’ve been wanting to go to New York lately. I talk to a couple of online friends from there, that’s awesome you live there! I’m glad you stumbled across my blog and I checked out yours! For sure will be keeping updated.

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